Litong Programmable Guillotine


Manufacturer Profile
Litong Printing Machinery Co. was founded in 1958 and has made guillotines for more than 20 years.
" Litong " is now the best brand of guillotine in China and has exported its products to more than twenty countries around the world.

Litong has 10 Patents for its Guillotines.
  • The most important one is Slotless worktable with double guide rails (Patent No. ZL 94 2 36552.6)
    This innovative design enables extremely smooth movement of the backgauge, no displacement on collision of the pile, thus achieving high accuracy of parallelism.
  • Other patents include:
  • Counterweight Clamp Mechanism (Patent No. ZL 98 2 29406.9)
    High speed hydraulic system and counterweight clamp construction insures stable and uniform pressure, which is easily adjustable to cut a wide range of materials.
  • Non-Air Gap Magnetic Clutch and Brake (Patent No. ZL 98 2 29405.0)
    This consistent and powerful suction and braking abilities of this patented design provide quick stop and more efficient cutting.
  • Flexible Adjusting System of Backgauge (Patent No. ZL ZL 99 2 41123.8)
    The parallelism and the verticality of the backgauge can be adjusted separately without interference of each other, easier and more reliable.
  • Double-side control of the backgauge (Patent No. ZL 99 2 41122.X)
    Double-side control of the backgauge especially designed to update the slot worktable cutters for smoother movement and higher accuracy.
  • Cable valve controlled foot pedal (Patent No.002239728)
    Cable valve controlled foot pedal simplifies the clamping and makes it more reliable.
  • New braking device of the clamp (Patent No. 002446510)
    New braking device of the clamp that insures the clamp to stop at any position, adding safety to the working.
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